"Friends, family, and giving back to those less fortunate completes me."

Sharing the Art of Living

Edie Hand on the Radio

Edie Hand along with Co-Hosts Susan Flowers and Susan Vawter will be bringing an engaging radio show to Sunday mornings on 97.7 “The Peach” starting next month.  The show begins at 7 AM till 8 AM.  All of these women have a

Stress Solutions

Stress. It’s an ever-present element of life. There are those people who seem to have stress-free lives. But what if their lives were just as stressful as ours. Edie Hand on Rx for Healthy Lifestyles talks about this topic on her Sunday show on

Pea & Collard Puffs

Nothing is better than having some good homemade dishes around for the holidays when family and friends stop by and say hello.  Edie Hand and Joy Hall Thompson want to share a great recipe for Black Eyed Pea and Collard Puffs with you.  Just click the