“Today, we introduce you to one of the most resilient women and small business owners we’ve ever met! Edie Hand has literally written the book on “True Grit”!

From losing siblings to death, to kicking cancer to the curb—not one, but four times!— and facing devastating business setbacks, Edie knows a thing or two about hard knocks. She shares a whole lot of wisdom around self-limiting beliefs, the role workaholism and other escapes play in poor health and business challenges, and ultimately, the way out.

But don’t let the heavy backstory fool you. This episode celebrates the quirky, endearing, and just plain funny moments in life, from trips to Graceland where Elvis vetted Edie’s potential suitors; to Edie wearing Phyllis Diller’s boas and laughing at herself while wielding a rhinestone cigarette holder and engaging in a little cheeky self-talk in the mirror; to the beautiful legacy of uplift she created around a multitude women as Edie invited them to share their own stories of survival and “True Grit”.

This is one show you don’t want to miss!”

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