Edie Hand recently spoke at The Norma Livingston Ovarian Cancer Foundation luncheon to help raise funds for an endowment for Gynecologic Cancer at UAB.   Edie shared stories of inspiration and her first hand experience of conquering cancer episodes in her own life.  Here is a brief video sharing some highlights of her presentation.  Click here to view the full video

Here are some comments from attendees at the event.

“Edie loves people.  In her books, in her speaking, such as at the Charlie’s Angels event, and in her personal relations with an amazing cast of friends; she exudes the marvelous richness of human experience.  Despite her talents she is not standoffish.  People just like her.
Dr. Anne Bishop
Retired School Administrator

Hoover City Schools

“I had the pleasure of hearing Eddie Hand speak at a fundraising event.  She gave a heartfelt, uplifting talk in her unique Southern style that incorporated her own family stories and tragedies in a way that uniquely inspired all in attendance to want to do more to support ovarian cancer research. I instantly became one of her biggest fans.”
Ronald D. Alvarez, MD
Professor in the Division of Gynecologic Oncology

UAB School of Medicine

“I truly admire Edie Hand’s spirit, conviction, and compassion. This was fully reflected in her presentation.”
Warner K. Huh, MD
Physician specializing in Gynecologic Cancer

UAB School of Medicine

CancerMagazine-EdiePhotoUAB recently highlighted this event in the magazine.  On the right is Bunni Miller (apron) standing next to Edie Hand, the featured speaker at the event.  Click image to view larger photo.

For information on speaking engagements you can call Edie Hand or use our form on the contact page.