To my Friends, Family, and Associates; 

I hope this note finds you happy and healthy, and I hope you and your families had a very Merry Christmas. 

Over the last year, I’ve devoted my time to working on various projects but concentrated my efforts on The Women of True Grit Projects. These have covered books, podcasts, magazine articles, radio interviews, speaking engagements, a sisterhood network, and video productions culminating with our documentary premiering on Alabama Public Television this past November.

I believe all women can find the strength to embrace who they are, navigate their direction in life, and possess the potential to impact themselves and those within their world and beyond.

The Women of True Grit series is a collection of stories about women who have overcome incredible barriers and achieved greatness in their lives. These stories come from women in all walks of life including the worlds of business, entertainment, science, medicine, education, and healthcare. They are relatable to women regardless of their background and/or their professional or personal paths to excellence.

The episodes are interview-based with women telling a large part of the stories themselves.  Hearing the stories in their voices adds tremendous power to the understanding of their life journeys.  These interviews are set in locations and environments that relate to each woman…workplaces, homes, places that are significant in each life’s journey.

Along with a team of associates, partners, supporters, and engaged friends, I have created a brand trusted by the largest corporations in the world and brought hope and inspiration to those who need it most. Many of you know that I have navigated through some of life’s greatest tragedies, and my experiences and stories have had a transformative effect on helping others find their pearls of hope. For that, I am sincerely grateful.

Here are just some highlights of my efforts:

  • Monthly stories showcasing “Women of True Grit” in Reel Lumiere Magazine, a publication of the Nashville Women in Film organization
  • Creation of a new Women of True Grit Section on
  • Co-authored a book for FedEx “True Grit” that shares the stories of their executive women. The book is a collection of stories from some of the top-level Women executives at FedEx. They each share highlights of mentors from their formative years, how they met and dealt with life’s challenges, and how they rose to positions of leadership in one of the largest shipping and logistics companies in the world. Readers discover how each of these women persevered with passion and determination to find their roadmap to success and achievement. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Dress for Success programs that provide business attire for low-income women moving into the workforce, many for the first time.
  • Produced a documentary for the United for Life Foundation in Birmingham, AL to tell the story of Father Coyle, a Birmingham Catholic priest who performed a mixed-race marriage in 1921. More info and video previews can be found at  The final documentary will air in early 2022 on cable TV.
  • As I shared earlier the glowing achievement was the Women of True Grit documentary that aired on Alabama Public Television on November 18th, 2021, and featured Dr. Bobbi Knight and Dr. Kimbery Robinson. You can view the full video at

What’s next for 2022?

  • Sinclair Broadcast Group through their local channel in Birmingham has engaged me to provide Women of True Grit content regularly
  • The rollout of the Women of True Grit Sisterhood will proceed on the InspireHub Network Global Platform  
  • I’m speaking in March for a Women of True Grit event at Northwest Florida State College
  • Work will continue on our next edition of Women of True Grit and our publish date will coincide with our First Women of True Grit Conference in Nashville, TN at the Cathedral of Praise Church.

I would like to thank you for your support and previous donations to help further our work in making the world a better place to raise our children.  To continue our work and expand our efforts please consider donating to The Edie Hand Foundation this holiday season.  Just click the Donation button below. 

It is with a grateful heart that I wish you and your families a happy, healthy, and loving New Year in 2022.



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