Edie Hand Foundation 2023 Holiday Note

To my Friends, Family, and Associates; 

I hope this note finds you happy and healthy, and I hope you and your families have a very Merry Christmas and a bright new year. 

Over the last year, I’ve devoted my time to working on various projects for the Women of True Grit mission. These have been covered books, podcasts, magazine articles, radio interviews, speaking engagements, a sisterhood network, and film segment productions culminating with my continued documentary series on Alabama Public Television to my last two seasons of ABC Talk of Alabama and Sunday evening News on ABC 33 40 of Alabama. In addition, for 2023 My Women of True Grit will be joining the additional market of Huntsville’s WAFF on Channel 48, an NBC affiliate. We are continuing to Inspire and educate at colleges and community gatherings to help women of all ages have the tools to make better choices for a better tomorrow.

I believe all women can find the strength to embrace who they are, navigate their direction in life, and possess the potential to impact themselves and those within their world and beyond. Grateful I saw and experienced this firsthand at my first Women of True Grit conference at Miles College.

The Women of True Grit series is a collection of stories about women who have overcome incredible barriers and achieved greatness in their lives. I like Edie Hand's Women of True Grit Bookto use the metaphor of the Pearl to show a spec of grit inside a shell that forms eventually a beautiful pearl-like woman who goes through life irritations to become whom they fill in their purpose-filled life. These stories come from women in all walks of life. They are relatable to women regardless of their background and/or their professional or personal paths to excellence. A sisterhood is formed.

Books can be ordered online at www.ediehand.com/books/   Or ask for the  book at your local independent bookstores.

Also this 2024 the updates of my Self Esteem book coauthored with Dr. Judy Kuriansky of New York Columbia University for teens and folks of all ages are available now. Finding ways to have the courage to face our fears begins at an early age but we are never too old to learn or be reminded of better choices if we are mentally prepared. Here is the Self Esteem book with short chapters that stir up your mind to rethink a situation as a teen or anyone find yourself faced with in life. A great gift for Your teacher.

The book comes to life in vignettes/segments that are interview-based with women telling a large part of the stories themselves.  Hearing the stories in their voices adds tremendous power to the understanding of their life journeys.  These interviews are set in locations and environments that relate to each woman…workplaces, homes, and places like NASA in Huntsville,  How one can navigate from hard things to beautiful situations. Grit is Transformative

We have digital billboards on the station’s vast reaches, and we are adding a Grit:101 on life skills through the pearl metaphor and the meaning of the different colors of the pearls so it is relatable to all. Find out which Pearl or Pearls can help you build a better you. If interested in helping my team continue the educational work and television storytelling, please make a difference with me to keep 2023 Women of True Grit Highlightshelping others through these voices of work to find life skills through better choices for women of all ages in communities. I do appreciate your gifts from the heart.

Check out the Women of True Grit highlights from this years activities.

I would like to thank you for your support and previous donations to help further these works in making the world a better place to raise our children and have better tomorrows through our seasons of life. To continue our work and expand our efforts please consider donating to The Edie Hand Foundation at any quarter this new year. If you would like to be a part of a specific project please advise. To donate online visit www.EdieHandFoundation.org and click the PayPal donate button.

As always, I wish you and your families and loved ones a very Happy New Year and many blessings throughout the year.

May God continue to Bless us all.

It is with a grateful heart that I wish you and your families a happy, healthy, and loving New Year in 2024.




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