Edie Hand along with Co-Hosts Susan Flowers and Susan Vawter will be bringing an engaging radio show to Sunday mornings on 97.7 “The Peach” starting next month. The show begins at 7 AM till 8 AM. All of these women have a diverse background and unique life experiences to share with the audience. Here is a poster with background information on all the hosts.

The show will cover a host of different topics including:

Left to right: Susan Vawter, Edie Hand, Susan Flowers.

Left to right: Susan Vawter, Edie Hand, Susan Flowers.

  • Defining a woman of True Grit
  • How to face your Fears
  • Finding stress solutions
  • Addressing obesity and Bullying
  • Caregiving
  • Spirituality
  • Nutrition advice to maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle
  • Resources for health insurance
  • How to find a doctor that meets your needs
  • Community outreach programs
  • How to buy a car and get the high level of customer service you deserve
Diane Zaragoza | Executive Producer

Diane Zaragoza Executive Producer

Listeners will hear straight TAlK that focuses on helping women find hope in hopeless situations. Stop back often for more information on upcoming shows.

Diane Zaragoza is the executive producer of the show and after working 23 years with the American Red Cross she recognizes that everyone has value and deserves to have the best brought out of them. This show will help do exactly that every Sunday morning.

If you are not in the radio station area, you can stream the show at www.977thepeach.com

We also invite you to view the brochure (PDF) about the show and our hosts.

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