Edie Supporting Maranathan Academy

Edie Hand and the Edie Hand Foundation support Maranathan Academy and their work in the community. Edie recently attended one of their graduation events.

Maranathan Academy is a nonprofit, private alternative school specializing in critically at-risk youth and adult students. Its primary goal is to break cyclical dependency on government assistance which plagues the critically at-risk populace. As the only private school in Birmingham and its surrounding cities, that works exclusively with critically at-risk youth and the only private school in Birmingham and its surrounding cities, that accepts students who have been expelled for weapon-related or violent offenses, Maranathan serves as a source of hope and is frequently a deciding factor in the lives of critically at-risk students and their families.

      • Maranathan enjoys a graduation rate of 85%.
      • 53% enter college.
      • 47% enter trade school or achieve military enlistment.
      • Yet, those who labor at Maranathan mourn the loss of the 15% who fail to complete the Academy’s course of studies.
      • Only 3% of those lost are dismissed due to refusal to adhere to behavioral policies. The remaining 12% are withdrawn because they’re learning and their parents or guardians are unwilling to lose an additional slow learner stipend received from the government.

Founded in 1991, Maranathan Academy offers middle school, high school, and adult education. The Academy has graduated nearly 400 critically at-risk students and, due to wraparound services provided to students and their families, has impacted more than 2,00 lives. Maranathan Academy’s impact is inarguable and its model is replicable.

Learn more about this Academy and consider a donation to help their students.