Foundation Beginnings


The Blackburn Brothers – David, Phillip, & Terry

edie_hand_foundation_200wThe Edie Hand Foundation had it’s beginnings after Edie Hand experienced some personal trials and challenges in her life.  While in her 20’s she first experienced Cancer and then the loss of her three young brothers.  Two died in auto accidents and her brother Terry had a brain aneurysm.  Other episodes of Cancer followed; but through her personal strength, prayers, and medical attention she survived and committed a great portion of her time to helping others that faced challenges in their lives.  That created the basis for the foundation’s focus.

Edie with her niece Kayla Ross and her brother Terry Blackburn who was the influence for the book, "The Last Christmas Ride."

Edie with her niece Kayla Poss and her brother Terry Blackburn who was the influence for the book, “The Last Christmas Ride.”

Terre Thomas a Director from St Jude Children's Research Hospital works with Edie on many projects.

Terre Thomas who sits on the Board of  Directors at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital works with Edie on many projects.

The foundation benefits numerous charities including The Children’s Hospital of Alabama and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The main goal is to to give back to the community and to encourage acts of kindness and generosity.

As a tribute to her brothers and to share and inspire others, Edie Hand created a documentary film called, The Last Ride which will debut in the fall of 2016.

Here are some thoughts about the film and Edie’s work shared by one of the Foundation donors.

The Last Ride is a short film that shares a few highs and lows from the life of Edie Hand. Like many of us who have had to deal with tragedy and heartbreak in our lives, Edie endured the loss of three brothers, a mother’s constant illness, and little time for childhood when she had to assume the role of ‘mom’ at an early age.

Through their stories her family and friends share their insights and memories about Edie and the Blackburn brothers. It becomes clear that Edie possesses an unquestionable faith, strong loyalty to those close to her, and a drive to insure the memory of her brothers would not be forgotten.

When looking at Edie’s accomplishments it appears the energy and drive of her three brothers inhabited her spirit and soul when they passed. That power created a type of ‘super hero’ that we should all aspire to be. Edie’s drive created multiple successful business ventures, and most importantly help craft The Edie Hand Foundation which provides programs for children in need through local hospitals, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and even international charities helping orphans in Indonesia.

Throwing stones into a pond creates ripples on the water. The size of the stones determines the impact of those ripples. And so it is with our lives. Edie Hand made some big ripples on the waters of life, and touched thousands with her friendship, encouragement, and charitable activities. I sincerely hope that her story helps to inspire all of us to rise above our personal challenges and find some way to pay it forward and show some kindness and understanding to strangers, family, and friends.

Mark Dubis