Over the years Edie Hand has spoken at numerous meetings, events, conferences, schools, churches and other community locations. Here are just some of the organizations that have been enlightened by one of Edie’s engaging presentations.

The Norma Livingston Ovarian Cancer FoundationEdie-Hand-presentation

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital International
Epsilon Sigma Alpha International
Alliance for Women in Media
Girl Scouts of America
South East Nurse Practitioners Association
Pipefitters Association International
Woodmont Baptist Church
Various High Schools across America
Various Libraries across America
National Association of Business Women Owners
Alabama Dieticians
Credit Union associations
Alabama Farmers Association
Baptist Health Systems
Shades Mountain Baptist Church
Sumiton Church of God
BB&T Bank
The Principal Group
New York Chapter of Women in Broadcasting
Various Regional Chamber of Commerce’s
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
University of North Alabama Board members
Women’s Expo of Chicago and Los Angeles



Here are some selected comments from event audience members who shared their thoughts on Edie’s speaking program.

Edie Hand participated in a panel discussion at the St. Jude Gold Luncheon in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in Sept 2017. Here is comment from St. Jude Representative:

“We loved hosting you Edie, you were an amazing addition to our panel and we appreciate everything you do for the kids of St. Jude.”

Lee Bobo
Senior Regional Event Specialist
ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Edie Hand is a professional woman with a heart of gold!  She is constantly putting people together who work for the good.  I won’t say she is a motivational or inspirational speaker, because, just knowing her, personally, she IS motivational and inspirational. Within minutes of meeting Edie, you know you are in the presence of a very special person.

She gives and gives and, even if she’s tired, she goes on because her aim in life is to teach and share the goodness with her speaking.  She has her own foundation which she raises funds for as well as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, founded by my late father, Danny Thomas.  She has a driving spirit and it makes everyone want to do more for mankind, too.

Edie is like the great saying, “One never stands so tall than when one stoops to help another.”

Terre Thomas
Board Member St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and daughter of the hospital founder, Danny Thomas

We cannot thank you enough for gracing our recent film festival event with your presence. I have heard from multiple people how much they enjoyed the Faith in Film Panel.  I know you are a wonderful speaker and that you love talking about the Lord and how he has affected our lives. I am so happy that you are one who has beat Cancer many times. YOU are here for a reason and we are definitely blessed that you shared your time and expertise with us.

Nancy Puetz    
President, Tennessee Women in Film & Media 

Are you ready to be inspired and uplifted?

You’ll have a positive power infusion when you hear Edie Hand speak.  She captivates with her Southern charm, makes you laugh out loud, and inspires you, to declare new ways that you can be an even better parent, spouse, salesperson, or manager.  I admire her perseverance as a cancer survivor, and applaud how she guides her Foundation, to help others dream, achieve and exceed their goals for a better life!

Ellen Graham – Executive Director, Oklahoma Media Network
an affiliate of The Alliance for Women in Media

Edie loves people.  In her books, in her speaking, such as at the Charlie’s Angels event and in her personal relations with an amazing cast of friends; she exudes the marvelous richness of human experience.  Despite her talents she is not standoffish.  People just like her.

Dr. Anne Bishop
Retired School Administrator
Hoover City Schools

Edie Hand has proved to be a very motivational, fun, entertaining speaker at numerous speaking engagements. Her story is worth telling and she is very passionate about telling it. Her laughter is infectious and her smile is contagious. She has spoken to the Alabama Bankers Association in Tunica with a topic of ABC’s of selling and etiquette. I have also heard her speak to the Pilot Club of Jasper and to the East Walker Chamber of Commerce. She always throws in a sprinkle of her life experiences which are very heart warming. She is very inspirational and leaves you with a good feeling when she finishes. I would highly recommend Edie Hand for any speaking engagement.

Mary Jo Gunter   Senior Vice President
Pinnacle Bank – Jasper, Al.    35501

I had the pleasure of hearing Edie Hand speak at a fundraising event.  She gave a heartfelt, uplifting talk in her unique Southern style that incorporated her own family stories and tragedies in a way that uniquely inspired all in attendance to want to do more to support ovarian cancer research. I instantly became one of her biggest fans.
Ronald D. Alvarez, MD
Professor in the Division of Gynecologic Oncology
UAB School of Medicine

I truly admire Edie Hand’s spirit, conviction, and compassion. This was fully reflected in her presentation.
Warner K. Huh, MD
Physician specializing in Gynecologic Cancer
UAB School of Medicine

Thanks Edie for the recent presentation at Woodmont Baptist Church. Your energy and charisma is contagious. You wowed the audience with your reactions to the tragedies in your life. Edie’s content inspired and influenced all in attendance. No one could have done more to champion the reality of cancer survivorship…
J. Patrick Daugherty, M.D., Director of North West Alabama Cancer Center

Edie Hand is energetic and delightful! She is a fabulous speaker who puts everyone at ease with her charm and wonderful sense of humor. She delivers captivating, real-life stories interspersed with inspiration and encouragement. We are excited to have Edie scheduled for another of our events soon…
Kathy Austin, Co-Director, Woodmont Women’s Ministry

Edie as a writer, philanthropist, public speaker and so much more, you set such a wonderful example for our Girl Scouts. Thanks for giving voices to so many women.
Patricia Coghlan CEO Girl Scouts of Central Alabama

Edie Hand . . . You Rock for Women and are a good mentor for young women.
Debra Puryear, Education Chair Alliance for Women in Media, Atlanta Chapter

Edie Hand is one of the most versatile and inspiring speakers I’ve ever booked. Her life story of overcoming challenge and tragedy to achieving success in many arenas is as impressive as it is a call to action. I don’t believe anyone out works or out inspires Edie Hand! If you want a guaranteed success story with your next event, book Edie.

Bob Layne
President & CEO   Propel®  

We can always use someone to look us in the eyes and to tell us we can do it!

The author of numerous powerful books, Edie Hand, gave a presentation with inspiring detail about her life, her personal struggles, and growing up with three brothers in small town Alabama.  Her advice? Take the world by storm and always strive for a better community. However, it’s really impossible to narrow down her eloquence to one phrase, she inspires, supports and leaves her audience with a sense of belonging and worth.  Choosing Edie for your event is MUST!

Katrina Wray, HRD     Lakeland Community Hospital/Northwest Medical Center

Here are some additional comments about Edie’s speaking events.

  • When Edie walks through the door, sunshine fills the room. Her strength and joy inspires everyone.
  • She is a breath of fresh air! You will discover a fun, informative and entertaining way of looking at life.
  • Hand presents a timely and passionate message about difficulties she has faced in life, and offers audiences hope for those still suffering, and inspiration for all. She will challenge you to examine your own life, your beliefs, and your gratitude.
  • Your presentation and books provided meaning and purpose to the audience. Our cancer survivor dinner was a huge success because of you. Evaluations from the audience included: great speaker, get her back, never a dull moment, very good communicator, very interesting speaker.
  • She has an uncanny ability to take you along with her on her difficult journey as a three-time cancer survivor and the loss of her siblings. Her gracious and positive attitude is reflected throughout her life. She will inspire you to persevere, facilitate identification as a survivor, and demonstrate how different challenging opportunities prepare us to serve others.

Here are some comments and testimonials about Edie’s speaking events

Letter of Recommendation from Women’s Ministry, Woodmont Baptist Church

Letter of Recommendation from Alliance for Women in Media

Letter of Recommendation from Local Focus Radio

Letter of Recommendation from Virginia College