Genuine Pearl Girls

Genuine Pearl Girls “Got True Grit”


Our Mission Statement “Life is the string on which we hang our pearls, and we all have been given pearls. We just have to recognize them through acts of kindness.”

Our world is fraught with challenges, frustrations, and misery but that’s only if you watch the daily news. In reality, we have many blessings to be thankful for and they include our health, good friends, and the love and respect of family and those close to us. And while everyone has some dark days and goes through stressful times what really matters is the kindness of others and their support which helps us get through any tough times.

Edie Hand- Genuine Pearl Girs

Edie Hand, Founder of The Genuine Pearl Girls Society

The Genuine Pearl Girls Society was formed to make sure we have friends, family, and others to cheer on our victories, lend a sympathetic ear on our bad days, support us when faced with illnesses and personal challenges, and share stories of encouragement to reaffirm those better days lie ahead.

We hope that our past members share their strand of pearls called life to encourage and support other women. Each strand of pearls was created with the Grit of Passion, Perseverance, and Positive Projection.

While our Society is not currently active, we hope individuals that have faced challenges will share some kind words, a simple act, a poem, or an inspirational quote to anyone they know facing difficult times. We all need a bit of courage, a real understanding of forgiveness, a dash of Love, and a ton of kindness. I would like to thank our past members who shared their perspectives on life.

Remember it is in sharing that we support and encourage one another and maybe understand better our own strand of pearls called life.



Edie Hand – Founder
The Genuine Pearl Girls Society


Life Pearls are the strings that form our own unique pearls of life . . .

White . . . starting over

Yellow . . . stains aren’t forever

Pink . . . live, laugh, love

Silver . . . pearls of wisdom

Black . . . beauty in dark places

Purple . . . a passion for life

Gold . . . standing the test of time

P   person

E   eternally

A   altered

R   by God redeeming

L   love