GRIT 101

Bobbie Knight, President of Miles College and Edie Hand at the First Women of True Grit Conference 

Edie Hand through her Women of True Grit initiatives has developed a program called GRIT 101.  This program offers tools to build strong life skills, and help deal with the challenges faced in various personal and business situations.  

The core course also partners with organizations who have complimentary goals to enhance the various aspects of our live including improving mental and physical health. 

One of these organizations is HealUNITED. They work with schools and companies to build a greater awareness of the importance of maintaining a balanced life style. 

Here are some of the various slides to introduce the program highlights by using different color pearls to represent emotions, situations, and faith. If you have a company, school, college, or organization that would like to explore how GRIT 101 can help your team/students please reach out at your convenience.