Heal-Alabama-logoHEAL Alabama, an organization promoting healthy eating and living habits, recently held a silent auction to raise fund for their many projects.  Edie Hand, founder of the Edie Hand Foundation attended and supported their efforts.   This photo shows HEAL Alabama CEO, Christy Swaid with Edie Hand who won a silent auction for a beautiful bright green bicycle. Click the image to see a larger image.

2015-7-ChristySwaid-EdieHandHere is some additional information on the HEAL Alabama program from their website.

HEAL accomplishes their mission using a curriculum-based fitness and nutrition education program that is designed for elementary students and incorporated into the daily lesson plans of the Physical Education (PE) classroom. While the main focus is the child, we have discovered that our field of impact is far greater.  Entire families and school faculty members have joined the HEAL way of life as a result of this program.

In 2002, HEAL founder, Christy Swaid retired from a career of sports and fitness and moved to Alabama after marrying world renowned neurosurgeon, Dr Swaid N. Swaid. She quickly realized the impact of obesity and unhealthy lifestyle choices on the citizens, especially the children, of her new state. Alabama, during the time of Christy’s arrival, was one of the top three states for obesity, diabetes and hypertension, and we had one of the fastest growing rates of type two diabetes among children.