Jana & Mary White in Reel Lumiere

In the August-September issue of Reel Lumiere Edie Hand features two Women of True Grit. A story of a mother and daughter overcoming some incredible challenges. 

Jana White begins her story:  

Life comes with challenges—some we expect and others we don’t. I never expected one of my children to be born with a life-threatening condition, but they were. My Mary was born with hydrocephalus, which is a buildup of fluid on the brain. At birth, her head was enlarged, and she had her first brain surgery when she was only one day old.

Mary has spent much of her life in the hospital due to complications that have resulted in forty-three brain surgeries. In 2009, Mary spent six months at Children’s of Alabama and underwent a total of fifteen surgeries during that time.

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Reel Lumiere Magazine, a publication of the Nashville Women in Film and Television features a Women of True Grit feature every month.  

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