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Edie Hand is Looking to Highlight Women of True Grit

A woman of true grit is one who meets challenges head-on, works through rough patches, supports her friends and peers, and focuses on the end goal of improving her life and the life of those around her.

These descriptions conjure images of groundbreaking women like Eleanor Roosevelt, Hellen Keller, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Coretta Scott King, Annie Oakley, and Maya Angelou.

These pioneers made way for another group of tough, sturdy determined, undaunted, unwavering women who stuck it out, survived, and in the end succeeded. These are Women of True Grit. 

We often use the metaphor of a Pearl. Pearls are formed inside an oyster shell when a tiny speck gets irritated, and over time develops into a beautiful pearl. Much like the Pearl these women know how to navigate through hard things to turn them into beautiful situations. Women who use their positions or platforms to give back to their communities to help others make life better are truly valuable in this ever-challenging world.

We are looking to highlight women who exemplify these characteristics and feature them on our Multi-Channel Sisterhood.  Our channels include websites, television, social media channels, video productions, podcasts, magazine features, and books. 

If you know any women that meet these criteria and who know how to turn hard things into beautiful situations we would like to invite you to nominate them to be featured on one or more of our Sisterhood Channels. 

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