Northwestern Mutual of Alabama Institute Day

Edie Hand recently spoke at a Northwestern Mutual of Alabama Institute Day event and here are some comments from those who attended.

“Edie Hand has a God-given gift to connect with people and to help realign people’s values to being others-focused.  Edie will teach you that you just never know who you might be sitting next to!”

Brad King, CFP® | Growth & Development Director I Wealth Management Advisor

” Edie shares a powerful message full of Inspiration and hope with a touch of humor And that famous laugh that only she can deliver . . . a must hear by all!”

Colleen Eikmeier, chief Growth officer, Northwestern Mutual

” I love Edie’s heartfelt message! If we are Most impacted in life by the people we Spend time with, I would urge people to find Away to spend time with Edie!”

Jay Dixon, managing partner Northwestern Mutual of Alabama

“Edie you have a way of making people feel like you have known them Them for years. Your sincerity is a gift which makes that possible.  You and I have had many one-on-ones, and the same comfort and openness I have felt in our talks blanketed the entire room when you spoke to the group at Northwestern Mutual Institute Day.

Tyler Vann, attorney at law associate with NWM of Alabama

“I recently had the opportunity to hear Edie Speak to a group at a company training Event. She shared her “Pearls of Hope” from her life experiences. She was engaging, inspirational, and entertaining. She was received with a standing ovation at the conclusion of her talk. I can’t recommend her enough! She will motivate, Inspire, and encourage all who will are so fortunate to hear her speak.” 

Rob Perry – District Director Northwestern Mutual of Alabama