Here is a current listing of Edie Hand Presentations and Speaking Topics

Topic 1:
How to Mop With Your Pearls On: It Takes Grit

ChristmasRide-StreesSolutionsFinding the Genuine Pearl Within You

Your attitude towards situations everyday can make all the difference. Edie shares some of her personal, inspirational and humorous stories that show the benefits of building your string of pearls, which are guides to healing one’s brokenness. The String is your life and the Pearls represent your unique necklace. Edie’s stories will define what each of the Pearl colors represents to better help you understand your passion, help build more perseverance, and leave you with a positive projection of your life.  Faith is a powSpeech-Topicserful element of the presentation so components may include scripture (depending on venue) to let you know you are not alone in building your pearls of life.  You will leave knowing you have the grit to do hard things.  Edie’s story is your story.


Topic 2:  Cancer the Unexpected Gift
Stories of Full of Love with No Boundaries

After numerous battles with cancer and living with chronic illness, Edie Hand knows faith, the right attitude, and the support of friends and family, and came to understand the touch of unseen hands was critical in beating this disease.

This program is based on her and Dr. Daugherty’s book of stories about average people and their common bond; the enemy of cancer and the subsequent suffering associated with it.  Conquering cancer is not done necessarily by surviving disease free, but by finding benefit in the experiences. Extraordinary lessons are to be learned from ordinary people – not in dying, but in living. These stories teach us to live a meaningful life.  You too can do hard things!

Topic 3:  Persuasive Selling with Etiquette

A guidimagesclip_image004_0000e to measuring healthy relationships. Learn how to build healthy powerful relationships that improve your life, on and off the job. The ABC’s of Selling with Etiquette highlights and provides a foundation for positive relationships that are invaluable to all leaders. Edie shares how to identify your style of personality, understand others’ styles, identify areas of conflict, and take advantage of strengths to work and engage with people in a more effective fashion.  This is a dynamic program for businesses or associations that can be customized to meet the needs of individual organizations.

Edie’s books are available for company or association branding.   To hear some highlights of this presentation visit

Topic 4:  The Rides: Lessons from Love
A documentary is under development. For more information on this tour contact Edie directly.

Customized Topics Available

Any of these topics and programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the group. Please call Edie Hand at (205) 960-1345 or email her at for more details on these programs.

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