1. Edie Hand’s

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Your attitude towards situations every day can make all the difference. Edie shares Edie Handsome of her personal, inspirational, and humorous stories that show the benefits of building your string of pearls, which are guides to healing one’s brokenness. The String is your life and the Pearls represent your unique necklace. Edie’s stories will define what each of the Pearl colors represents to better help you reflect on your passions, help to understand the importance of resilience and help you to navigate into your own transitions.  Faith is a powerful element of the presentation so components may include scripture (depending on the venue) to let you know you are not alone in building your pearls of life.  You will leave knowing you have the grit to do hard things.  Edie’s story is your story.

2. Grit-A-Tude

Pushing through life’s challenges is made easier when good mentors enter your life. They guide you through your mistakes and often can work magic in pointing out opportunities and goals that help advance your agenda. Along the way, you’ll encounter the power of resilience as you navigate life through loss, ride to success, and understand how to find one’s grace to balance the belief in oneself.  The presentation focuses on a few key elements:

  • Perspective
  • Pushing through Fears
  • Power to Believe

    3. The Art of Story Telling

    We all love a good story, and everyone has a personal story to share.  The keys to successful storytelling are these elements:

    • Passion: a strong connection to the subject matter in the story
    • Perseverance: it’s that drive to share the powerful elements of the story and not give up until the audience feels that determination
    • Positive Projection is an opportunity to showcase one’s confidence in their project. This can be done by demonstrating a focus on the desires, dreams, and fears of the characters for the audience.

    Sessions can have a workshop format based on the dynamics of the audience. Storytelling helps paint pictures through various mediums including Television, Magazines, Social Media, Theater, and Art.

    Customized workshops and other speaking topics are available. Please inquire.

    To Book or for information on speaking engagements contact
    Edie Hand @ ediemaehand@gmail.com

    or Mark Dubis at (216) 978-0281 or @ mdubis@gmx.com  

    Click here to download and print a list of Edie’s current speaking topics   (PDF)

    “No one tells a story better than Edie Hand. Her genuine approach to this art is magnetic and compelling. I highly endorse her as a speaker and facilitator.”

    Dr. Devin Stephenson, President/CEO
    Northwest Florida State College