The Lester Memorial United Methodist Church hosted Edie Hand on February 28, 2019. The Church is located at 108 Third Avenue East, in Oneonta, AL 35121.

This Young at Heart event was sponsored by Trinity Management, and the first 100 men or women who registered attended for free with lunch included. 

Edie Hand signed her books (which were available for sale) after the event and all book donations went to the Edie Hand Foundation.

Edie Hand’s presentation was How to Mop With Your Pearls On:   A Guide to Finding Optimism And How to Renew One’s Emotions 

Mark Sims-Edie Hand

Mark Sims of Trinity Management, Edie Hand, and Jane Sims speaking at WCRL 95.3 Classic Hits with Jeremy Leslie

Summary:   Your attitude towards situations every day can make all the difference. Edie shares some of her personal, inspirational and humorous stories that show the benefits of building your string of pearls, which are guides to healing one’s brokenness. The String is your life and the Pearls represent your unique necklace. Edie’s stories will define what each of the Pearl colors represents to better help you understand your passion, help build more perseverance, and leave you with a positive projection of your life.  Faith is a powerful element of the presentation so components may include scripture (depending on venue) to let you know you are not alone in building your pearls of life.  You will leave knowing you have the grit to do hard things.  Edie’s story is your story.


The event sponsor, Trinity Management manages skilled nursing facilities in Alabama. They can be reached at (205) 625-5049.

You can view photos from the event by clicking on this image.