Women of True Grit Awards at the SWIFT Summit

The Evening Included Recognition for Edie Hand's Philanthropy Over the Years
After experiencing the Southern Women in Film & Television Summit, I now know more about the film, TV and music industry, and have had the benefit of seeing it through the eyes of people who have lived it for years.

Additionally, it was gratifying to see how my book, ‘Women of True Grit’ was able to come to life and recognize various contributions of women at the Awards Dinner on Saturday evening, March 24th. 

The evening honored these women for their tenacity, integrity, and the way they inspired others to help make life better for those in need of assistance, guidance, and love. I am so proud of each of them I would like to once more highlight them here.

Woman of The year:  Jennifer O’Neill
Woman of Influence:  Ashley Harris Gronholm
Trailblazer:  JoMarie Payton
Spirit Award: Victoria Jackson
Woman of Excellence:  Candy Christmas
Icon: Lorrie Morgan

I was also honored and humbled to receive a Philanthropy Award for the work I’ve done over the years for numerous groups, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  It took a great effort from a number of people to make the SWIFT Summit a success and the contributors were all Women of True Grit!

God Bless You All,


Before receiving my award the video here was shared with the audience.