Women of True Grit Conference at Miles College

The First Women of True Grit Conference was hosted at the historical Miles College on Women of True Grit Conference hosted by Miles College Friday, April 21, 2023. The Women of True Grit sisterhood and book led by founder and author Edie Hand is about love and support to celebrate the GRIT that each has within them to evolve life’s challenges into Pearls of Hope. The event’s topics and themes consisted of leadership, confidence building, entrepreneurship, the art of storytelling, and of course resilience. It says in the name itself GRIT, which stands for Great Resilience Is Transformative. There were over 300 people in attendance including students, professionals, faculty, sponsors, and community members.

Each attendee received a FREE goodie backpack with a copy of Edie’s book, snacks, writing tools, education materials that serve as great tools, and lunch. Over twenty-five women from different corners of the United States and Canada took the stage at this conference to share words of wisdom, many of which have been featured in Edie’s newly released Women of True Grit book. “I believe all women can find the strength to embrace who they are, navigate their direction in life, and possess the potential to impact themselves and those within their world and beyond. You can do hard things and turn them into beautiful situations. Pearls on, Swords up!” ~Edie Hand.

The event’s success and stories wouldn’t have been brought to life without the sponsors: Coca-Cola Bottle Company United, ABC 33/40 a Sinclair Broadcasting Group, Alabama Power, The Edie Hand Foundation, National Science Foundation (NSF). The supporters of the event were also: Linda Coons Crye-Leike Realtors, Drummond Company Inc., Red Diamond Tea & Coffee, LA Bikini Sugaring Hair Removal Studio, Little Professor and Heal United.


  1. To share genuine stories and raise hope in guests of all ages, and economic backgrounds, and in both women and men.
  2. Form new connections and share open invitations to join the Women of True Grit sisterhood.
  3. To pass on tools and wisdom that both empower and give women additional ways to navigate their life challenges.
  4. To begin developing a curriculum with other colleges and community groups for Women of True Grit that can benefit from the stories and teachable moments shared.
  5. Educating and inspiring women with life lessons, and stories told on many different platforms, and giving hope for a better tomorrow.