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Edie Hand Foundation - You Pave The Way Program

The primary focus of the Edie Hand Foundation is a youth oriented program called You Pave The Way. Community leaders and parents have recognized that adolescence is a time of change and growing pains, making it especially challenging for a child’s self-esteem.

As a sponsor of this program you will have engaged a powerful marketing program that lets your community know you are really committed to improving the lives of our sons, daughters and neighbors.

  • The Main Focus is on the book:  “Self Esteem: Simple Ways to Increase Your Child’s Confidence” co-written by Edie Hand and Dr. Judy Kuriansky.   

  • Sponsors acquire discounted copies of this book along with Sponsorship labels with your logo can be placed on each copy of the book.  Customized book markers with a company logo are also available. 

  • Our outreach program helps your company get these books into local schools, Girl Scout programs and other community groups.
  • Edie Hand works with your leadership team so they fully understand the program and can share the benefits with local groups, organizations and even to customers patronizing your company.
  • Edie Hand also works with your team to arrange speaking engagements where she would visit local civic groups (like Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.), schools and clubs. As a sponsor your only cost is a $2500 donation to the Edie Hand Foundation (a registered non-profit group) and payment to cover Edie’s travel and related expenses. These speaking engagements are great media events and are often covered by local newspapers and television stations; and that means exposure for your company.
  • You Pave The Way provides a marketing outline detailing how this will integrate into your online and traditional advertising and social media campaigns, and this includes a template for a press release so you can announce your alliance with You Pave the Way. Your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages could feature the You Pave the Way logo and link to your website where you would share your participation highlights with this charity.
  • Informational webinars will be held to highlight community achievements and to maintain fresh ideas on how you can enhance your brand with the You Pave the Way brochures, window labels and other marketing materials.
  • Artwork (reproduction quality) will be provided for your use on websites and in printed materials. We can even provide artwork if you want to create an automotive “wrapper” for a vehicle you utilize for community events and even for your daily operations. You can see an example of this below utilized by Scott Crump Scion in Jasper, AL. 
  • Direct benefits for your organization are:
    • Positive branding and exposure to women and their families in your market
    • Marketing materials to show you are providing tangible help to children and families in the community
    • Tax deductions for your contribution to a charitable 501(c) (3) organization
    • Strong differentiation from your competitors and a strengthening of your company’s visibility in the community 
You Pave The Way Corporate Sponsorship

Gardendale High School students around The You Pave The Way Scion vehicle provided by corporate sponsor Scott Crump Toyota Scion in Jasper, AL

To join the You Pave The Way family of sponsors just call (205) 960-1345 for complete details and additional information.

The Edie Hand Foundation is a registered
non-profit 501(c) (3)
organization based in Jasper, Alabama.